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I am British and American and grew up in Munich, and then came to the States as an adult–making a point of never quite fitting in.  By profession, I am an administrator and operations type (with an emphasis on food and the environment), but I am interested in everything.  I’m not interested in everything in every respect, but I don’t believe there’s such a thing as a fundamentally uninteresting topic*, any more than I think that there’s a fundamentally uninteresting person.  So I read a lot, and have recently started writing book reviews.  They are collected here, along with anything else I decide to write.  Food is one of my major preoccupations, so it will probably creep in here and there.

*Example: American football.  Do I want to see a game?  No.  Emphatically not. But I liked the book The Stronger Women get, the More Men Love Football and the film Any Given Sunday, the history of the huddle is interesting, and I of course loved the articles on football in the New Yorker.

Written by Lorin on February 15th, 2010

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